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LDSKCF is a non-profit, self-funding organization started in 2020. LDSKCF has identified & taken on board what our own youths have voiced to us, by indicating that inequalities & discrimination are not just in the host society we live in but is embedded within our own community as well. Hence, we aim to address this whilst trying to identify what services & support can also benefit the community.

We believe in taking care of our own & also rewarding ourselves. We acknowledge death is inevitable & at times one needs that extra support to bury their loved one. We therefore, collectively come together to ease each other’s burden whilst plan educational & party events to empower us & to enable us to celebrate our achievements.

In all we identify our youth are our future leaders & we want them to be empowered in the right direction by giving them a platform to voice their own needs within their homes & out in the community.

Social integration factors play a central role in explaining some of the community inequalities between natives and migrants. LDSKCF has provided a safe space for facilitating integration of the Kenyan migrants community in Luton Dunstable & it’s surroundings into the host society while fostering social inclusion by encouraging members through mutual support, events, networking, workshops, charitable work and to address issues impacting them.

We encourage our members to celebrate themselves & give themselves a pat on the back once in a while by attending social activities that the fund

Our youth are our backbone & we strive to empower them to be trailblazers of positive change within our community.

  • To come together and work as a group under one vision.
  • To celebrate achievements and empower one another.
  • To stand with one another during difficult and good times
  • To create networks amongst our members
  • To engage agencies that will benefit the members.

To unite diasporans living in Luton, Dunstable & surrounding Kenyan community who want to collectively come together through good and difficult times.

More importantly, to Engage, empower and promote our youth. Not forgetting, to take care of our elderly.

To facilitate integration and foster social inclusion by encouraging members to actively contribute in giving back to the society through charitable work & celebrate themselves by organizing social events that they are encouraged to attend. We also focus to empower members through various workshops.

To facilitate education and inform the community through various channels, media, seminars, conferences & campaigns to help our members overcome barriers to integration and social exclusion.

To advocate and signpost members to the agencies.

To run specific programmes through various committees targeted at the prevalent needs of vulnerable members of our group such as youth, children, adults and the elderly.

Founded as a faith-based community that adheres to religious values. We also believe in equality and fairness regardless of race, culture, gender, religion it believes.

How to become a member?

  • There is a Registration fee (per person) one off – £20 and a monthly fee (per person) – £10. These amounts are non-refundable.
  • We encourage members to keep up with their payments and to pay at least their monthly contribution on the first Friday of the month.
  • There is a 6 month cooling off period before a member can access benefits to allow the group kitty gain financial stability.
  • A member needs to be up to date with their monthly fee or they will not benefit from the group kitty.
  • Basic information of registered members, their beneficiaries & next of kin will be done using LDSKCF registration forms either online or hard copies.

Registration and payments

Funding is given as per event e.g. if 2 members are siblings and they lose a parent, or a sibling they will get £500 because the funeral is one event.

The contributions cater for a lot of things such as workshops, Christmas dinners, children workshop, youth events, Elderly events, ladies and men events, summer BBQ’s and cultural events.

We also encourage couples to register individually so every person is able to benefit from the kitty individually, for example if a husband is a member and the wife is not, then the wife loses a loved one the group does not cover her family because she is not a member. If she comes to any events she will be charged as a guest for the particular event.

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