Carolyne Wangaa (a.k.a Princess)

Carolyne Wangaa (a.k.a Princess)

LDSKCF Secretary General
Wangaa is part of the pioneer team and has been with LDSKCF since its inception. She is responsible for communication and all correspondence with the local community bodies and organisations stakeholders. She is also involved in organisations strategy and development with particular focus on policies and procedures write-ups.

Wangaa also facilitates and monitors the implementation of planned activities and community engagement. She supports the Chair by accompanying her to all outside group functions and ensuring the smooth functioning of the management committee by making sure meetings are effectively organised and minuted. She is mandated to maintain effective records and uphold the legal requirements of governing documents, charity law (where relevant).

She is a community leader and always ready to help and give a hand whenever an opportunity arises.

She is a perfectionist, very high organisational skills and she has an attention to detail persona that is noticeable wherever she is and prides in time keeping.

Wangaa is a proud mother and adores her 3 handsome boys and 1 gorgeous girl. She enjoys spending time with loved ones, travelling, fashion, socialising, singing and dancing, watching movies, rugby, football (die hard supporter of Chelsea) and loves cooking.
Favourite food being Ugali, kunde and nyama mbuzi or simply Ugali with maziwa fresh.

Favourite quote: Do not tell me about others because I don’t know what you tell others about me.

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