09 May 2022

Dear LDSKCF family I personally want to thank each member for your monthly contributions, as this youth event was purely from our members contributions & I couldn’t be happier for what our members are doing within our group. To the parents who volunteered to be designated drivers yesterday, @⁨Maggie Wigmore⁩ @⁨Julie Sis⁩ @⁨Lizzy Hhs⁩ @⁨Physilis Wa Djsam⁩ @⁨Anne shish ⁩ @⁨...

27 Apr 2022

 LDSKCF group has been recognized for its community work & has been awarded a community Mayor’s award. Our group has been awarded a community award. This award is special & unique as the Mayor needs to engage with various groups then decide which group is making a difference. This award, belongs to each member as you being a member has played a role towards you making a diffe...
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