Julie Karume

Julie Karume

Group Co- Ordinator

As the Group Coordinator of LDSKCF, Jules is responsible for overseeing that the platform runs smoothly by making sure important information is effectively communicated from the leadership team to the community.

Jules is essentially the ‘middle man’, and it is her duty to ensure no forwards are posted. This is crucial to ensuring the forum is not congested with unnecessary information that is not guaranteed or authorized to be authentic.

Jules has a background of working with society’s most vulnerable, she initially specialised in working with individuals who suffer from Mental Health issues and Learning Disabilities. Which formed the bases, and paved the way for her career that was to follow. Jules profession as a Social Worker has equipped her with both the knowledge and expertise to liaise and mediate between families and local authorities as a children’s advocate, as well as members of the community. This experience is applicable to her role as Group Coordinator as she essentially serves as an advocate between the leadership team and the community.

Jules has always been motivated to positively impact the lives of others, a passion that is not reflected in her career choice but also in her desire to better the community. She is no stranger to voluntary work and charity involvement so much so that she has also inspired her children to pursue the same passions.

For leisure, Jules enjoys socialising with friends and networking by meeting new people. She enjoys listening to different types of music ranging from Afro-beats/ traditional Kikuyu music to Reggae music. Jules has a desire to learn about different cultures, their struggles and importance. She also enjoys a vast selection of cultural foods. Jules loves to travel and has an ever-growing interest in fashion.

However, one thing that remains certain is that Jules has never lost touch with her Kenyan roots. Jules enjoys travelling home with her family, spending time with loved ones and enjoying the true beauty that Kenya has to offer as well as the opportunities it presents. Jules thoroughly enjoys all Kenyan dishes but her favourites are Mukimo, Nyama Choma, Chapatti, Samosa to name a few. A primary driving force in her life has always been to see the growth and advancement of her people, something that through the success of this group can surely be achieved.

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