Sally Grant

Sally Grant




Sally has been awarded an award for the passionate work she is doing in the community & the youth to make a difference.

As founder of LDSKCF, Sally is responsible for the overall leadership and management of LDSKCF. Sally’s vision is to unit Kenyan’s living in diaspora irrespective of their age, sexuality, tribe or gender. Sally is an advocate for youths, & her passion is to create a system that can be passed down to


Sally is a qualified Senior Social worker. Sally has always been committed to charity work & she enjoys volunteering wherever there is a need. Hence, her desire is to always give back to the community at large.

Sally works closely with the leadership team, she steers the development of the organization’s long-term strategy, budget and modules to ensure they comply with the policies, law and regulations.

She also plays a key role in motivating and engaging volunteers, the leadership team, members, youths, children and prospective partners and it is in this capacity that Sally assumes responsibility as Chairlady of LDSKCF.

Sally’s ambition is to ensure that LDSKCF is there for it’s members when they need us most & that generations to follow will be part of this great organization. Hence, empowering our youth is at the Centre of LDSKCF.

To the youths always occupy & achieve your dreams, you are all unique. To the members, thank you for believing in the vision, you are part of something big & you are creating opportunities for our youths.

LDSKCF group admins, who volunteer their time effortlessly have surely stood the test of time. Together, we have put all relevant policies together for the group such as the Equality & diversity policy, child protection policy, I salute you

Sally enjoys swimming, watching movies/documentaries, dancing, traveling, a sense of humor, socializing and fashion.

Her favourite foods are authentic traditional Kenyan delicacies like mandazi, mukimo, sukuma wiki, Mutura, Nyama Choma mbavu & kachumbari.

Her favourite quote; one’s chacharacter needs to match one’s expectations

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