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Nelly Mwangi
LDSKCF is a blessing to us who understand its vision. I have known sally before she was born. I campaigned for her late father; The late Hon Kiruhi Kimondo, who was an MP of Starehe constituency. The family knew me before I became ill. Hence, seeing her lead LDSKCF group I can clearly see she has taken after her father steps.

Sally approach to things are calm but precise. Sally doesn’t says things just as they are. In regards to the community group. It’s clear that she leads the group with a sober mind & always humble when she interacts with members.

The group has unified members who are not known in the community to be supported equally within its community.

Maggie Thuku
I joined LDSKCF to be part of a community of like minded people who hold same values and pursuing common goals. LDSKCF captures our deep rooted spirit of ‘Harambee’ which ultimately brings us all together as one (Ubuntu): enabling us to stand with each other in good times and tough times.

The leadership is amazing when it comes to their dedication to the LDSKCF members. They function in a timely manner when Need arise, and they cater for Needs of all ages in a fair manner ranging from children to the elderly. This has been evidenced by how they steered the ship amidst great difficulties brought about by Corona Pandemic. As a community; although separated by distance, we felt close with each other in times when it would otherwise have been worrying & lonesome. I am grateful and feel fortunate to be part of this wonderful group. Together we have achieved alot; and we endeavour to continue in the same spirit.

LDSKCF is indeed home away from home for each one of us.

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