Dear LDSKCF family

I personally want to thank each member for your monthly contributions, as this youth event was purely from our members contributions & I couldn’t be happier for what our members are doing within our group.

To the parents who volunteered to be designated drivers yesterday,
@⁨Maggie Wigmore⁩
@⁨Julie Sis⁩
@⁨Lizzy Hhs⁩
@⁨Physilis Wa Djsam⁩
@⁨Anne shish ⁩
@⁨Tony VC⁩
@⁨Asha Ldskcf ⁩

I can only say thank you for all our youths were taken to & from the event safely. Well done for engaging our youths, & creating a fun environment by targeting the Chairlady to shoot at every opportunity. We truly had a laugh when some of you were describing the targets. This showed our youths we age but we are still young at heart.

To our youth coordinator; @⁨Mwangi⁩ thank you for identifying activities for our youth & always being creative on how to engage our youths. I can’t stop laughing at our picture’s it was truly an eventful & amazing day.

The activity made us bond with the youths & more so, the youths were able to mingle with one another. Our aim is to try & move on from our personal clique to interacting with each & every person irrespective of age, family, religion, school etc.

Most of all, I want to thank God for His never ending grace & each member for believing in our vision. We are praying that this year all members will participate in all our events.

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